A Broken Hand

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x-ray of a hand

it can happen to anyone of us. Accidents happen and I am no exception to that rule. Last week I broke my hand.

If you never had any problem with your hands or legs you do not realize how big of an impact that has on your life. At least I did not until it happened to me.

I am always pretty active and if you have visit my website before you know I love to cook in any shape or form and I found out now how hard it is to cook without the full use of both your hands. But I did not give up on cooking and adjusted a few things.

What Happened

I was playing basketball as I do most of the time on Saturday afternoon and I fell after trying to dunk. This is also not unusual for me but this time it was different. I felt a sharp pain in my left hand.

After a while, I decided to go to the emergency room and they did an x-ray and found it was broken. 2 hours later I left the hospital with my hand in a nice cast and some medicine for the pain. That medicine I really needed the first day although I am not a big fan of medicine

Problems I encountered

Besides the typical things we all can think of like getting dressed and trying to tie my shoelaces I found one big problem I had with cooking.

I was not able to open a jar with my good hand. I tried holding the jar in several ways and even in between my legs with no result. My good hand did not have the strength to open even a simple jar.

Tiem to get on the internet and find a solution. I did several searches and was not able to find the solution I was looking for until I typed in the word jar opener tool and found what I needed on a website for senior citizens.

there were several options that would help me and I choose the one that you install underneath your kitchen cabinet and can use with one hand.

The jar opener solution for me

Now I was able to open jars again I could start working on some minor problems I encountered with my broken hand. Did you ever think about how hard it is to use a knife with one good and one bad hand?

I found that I am lucky that I did not break my dominant hand but my left hand. I could still hold on in a certain way at the things I had to cut with my left hand and use my right hand to hold the knife. Not perfect but it worked.

My conclusion and what I learned

I am the kind of person which glass is always half full. With this incident, I realized that there are people in this world that have to face many difficulties and obstacles to overcome and I look at some people with a different look now.

If I see people with a more severe problem than I had in the last weeks I take my head off for them. I also realize now that getting older comes with some problems that you never thought of when you are younger.

Count your blessing and realize that things can change in a heartbeat. Or a basketball game in my situation.

Beverly Reeves