How I Shop For Meats

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all types of meat on a grill

We all had some big changes in our lives in the last year. One of them involves the way we shop. At least the way I shop has changed very much. I use to go to the store almost every day or every other day.

Now, with the demand of wearing a mask and social distancing, I have changed this and go to the store as less as I can and even go on the hours that it is no too busy there.

This also has a large impact on the way I shop for the meat I use on the BBQ and smoker. I use to get that from a big butcher store in a larger town about 20 mile from me.

This store is too busy and recently had some problems with their supply. There were several cuts that they use to have all the time that were not there sometimes when I fount the time to go shopping there.

Problem solved

A good friend of mine that also is cooking outdoors on the grill as much as possible pointed me out that there are more options to buy meat.

He started doing more research online and found several companies that deliver quality cuts of meat in their stores and ship it frozen to your home.

When I started doing this research I stumbled upon the Farmfoods company and found a great Farmfoods review here on this page on the better grills website.

I was presently surprised by what types of meat they offer and the positive ratings I found for them.

My first order

Since it also cost a little more to order meat online I had a good look at the prices and, although higher as to be expected, it was not too bad.

Just to keep it affordable I ordered some hamburger meat and also a few pork chops. This all was to test the quality compared to the price.


My test with the Farmfoods hamburger was very successful. Not only was it very tasty. It also came nicely packed to my doorsteps.

4 hamburgers on the grill

I always have a little different way of cooking hamburgers. I like to sear them on a fire as hot as possible to make some nice grill marks. After that I move them to a cooler part of the grill and cook them of there. I also make a little indent in the middle to make them not bulk up in the middle.

I read somewhere to put a ice cube in the middle and that should work even better. I have not tried it but will test it soon and write about it here.

Pork Chops

The pork chops were even better than the ones I bought in my regular butcher store and that means something because he has some great chops.

pork chop on a plate

My pork chops I cook just on a medium temperature on the grill and keep an eye on the internal temperature. I like to cook them to about 160 degrees and after that I let them rest.

I did the same with these pork chops and they came out pretty good.

Final Verdict

Ordering meat was something I never really thought about too much. I was happy with the way I bought and the quality of it. I found however that ordering online is also a great option and in the times we are living now could even be the best option.

Let’s just hope it a temporary thing and we can use both options to by meat in a way that fits our lives.

Beverly Reeves