Is It Worth Adding A Sunroom To Your House?

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lady sitting in front of an open window enjoying sun shine.

It’s a little different from its name. In fact, the sunroom not only allows you to bathe in the sun but more importantly, it adds more diversified functions and housing experience to your house.

Therefore, the sunroom is an independent space between the house and the garden, providing a comfortable and transparent living experience.

Why have a sunroom?

This kind of sunroom is different from other traditional ones and can be used by the owner throughout the year. In addition to the comfort brought by the space extension, the sunroom can also enable residents to enjoy other benefits, such as heating, air conditioning, energy-saving, and safety.

High demands on energy, safety, comfort, and design mean that you can feel happy in the sunroom. However, this kind of room is also very expensive in terms of decoration cost. It can keep warm and cool to keep the room cool. The cost of the efficiency of this kind of equipment is inherently high.

In the design process, what needs to be considered is what impact the renovation of the sunroom will have on the adjacent rooms. The modern home environment changes mean that the previous small independent rooms are allowed to be transformed into more freely designed spaces, such as kitchens or family activity areas, which have become the core area of ​​the entire house.

In such a very important core area for family activities, if a sunroom can be added or transformed, the overall living experience will greatly improve.

How much space do you need?

However, whether this sunroom needs to be accompanied by a kitchen, living room, dining area, or garden depends on whether the original space is limited. The key point is that the built sunroom is mostly from a balcony or a terrace, so it is in the whole set. In the living room, visual continuity is particularly important. Although the sunroom is mainly close to the sun, it still has to be consistent with the room’s overall style.

Where to built

Generally speaking, most of the sunroom will be built in the south of this house, so that the room can have more light and be protected from bad weather. You may like to get up early, or you may be a night owl, so the sunroom orientation may be different. Choose southeast or southwest to get more sunlight. Of course, it also depends on the orientation of your home garden and space’s size.


The decision to add a sunroom to your house should not be taken to fast. There ares some things to take into consideration like expenses, the future of your living in this house and many more.

There might be building codes that require you to built only in a certain way. This means checking with you local or state office first.

Beverly Reeves