My Strange Taste In Meats

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meat on a bbq

As you might have seen in some other articles here I love to cook meat on the grill. I also do it in a skillet or in the oven when it is colder but I prefer to put it on the grill or maybe on the smoker to cook it low and slow.

Well, I also like to try other types of meat than the regular beef, pork and chicken that we use most of the time.

How it started

I was at a friends BBQ party a while ago and he had some more exotic meats on the grill. He had some Bison and wild boar on the grill and after grilling it I was pleasantly surprised by the taste. I have to be hones and tell you that I was a little hesitant to try it at first.

When I asked him where and how he found out about this meat he told me that he was trying to find different meat and stumbled upon a Fossil Farms review here on this page

Curious as I am that made me decide to have a look at that page and after reading that well written review and have a look at the Fossil Farms website I decided to give it a try myself and order some for me and my family.

I just had to tell my kid a little story. The reason for this is that I was afraid they would not eat it after hearing what it was.

Wild Boar

Wild boar on a field

To make it easier for me and not having to lie I started with ordering some meat from a wild boar. This meant that I could tell my kids it was pork since it is in the same family.

The flavor is something that is hard to compare with regular pork to be honest. I can’t even think of any other meat I ever ate that tasted like this wild boar.

The flavor is very rich and to my surprise not gamy. I think I could say it has a nutty taste and the meat is a lot darker than from his cousin a regular pig.


Emu laying down

For the next one I was going a little wilder,. I had heard of Emu but never ate any of its meat. I only know that it is probably a part of the ostrich family.

After putting it on the grill and having it ready to eat I started taking a bite and was a little disappointed. It actually tasted more like beef. Which is strange since it is a bird.

Well, some you win and some you loose. No problem. Still a nice piece of meat. For the price I could have had a nice steak.

My take on exotic meat

After these first trials of cooking exotic meats I am sure I will try other ones. One of the reasons is that most of the exotic meat is healthier than all the farm raised beef and pork we eat.

Many times it contains less cholesterol and less fat content. In many cases these types of meat also contain more and better vitamins.

I bet there are cuts of exotic meat that will surprise me. I am thinking of trying alligator and elk the next time I place an order at the Fossil Farms website.

Beverly Reeves